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Promoting Chinese Traditional Painting - Ink Wash Painting

CLACH ambassador - F3 Lu Ka Ue

Interviewee - F2 Sik Sik, Alison, Hyson, Ms. Ivy Chan

Chinese ink painting is one of the traditional Chinese paintings styles. Integrating Chinese cultural elements into Visual Arts can inspire students’ interest in traditional Chinese cultural elements and provide additional meaning to their own work. Last year, our Form 1 students adopted this method and most of them found it fun and meaningful.

During the Inter-disciplinary Unit (IDU), Form 1 students learnt a poem called ‘Shanju Qiu Ming’, which was written by Wang Wei. They then learnt different painting techniques such as holding the painting brush, controlling the use of colour (lighter or darker) and applying them into their drawings to show the quiet, silent mood in the poem. Alison (Form 1) agreed that this kind of ink wash painting is both relaxing and fun. It is also a really good opportunity to spark creativity. On the other hand, Sik Sik and Hyson (Form 1) thought that the benefits of combining both subjects together, was applying the knowledge learnt in Chinese lessons to art pieces. They understand the meaning of the works more and have a deeper understanding of the ideas of the author. Our Visual Art teacher - Ms. Ivy Chan pointed out that, both scenic poems(山水詩) and landscape ink wash paintings( 山水畫 ) emphasis on the delivery of artistic conception (意境) through the picture in the poem or painting. The collaboration between Chinese and Visual Arts was a great opportunity to enhance students’ understanding of the art form.

We look forward to seeing more students enjoy learning about Chinese culture in IDU this year.


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