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PTA Welcome Party X We Will Rock You Video Premier

To welcome parents and students in the new school year, PTA X We Will Rock You Video Premier was held on Friday, 16 September 2022.

During the night we had our PTA chairperson, Ms. Jojo Koo welcome our parents and students, followed by live dance and dazzling music performances and the long-awaited We Will Rock You Video Premier, performed by the CSS school production cast and vocal ensemble. The night was a great opportunity for students and parents to meet new families, catch up with old friends and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Thanks to Mr. Kevin Toong (Head of Drama) who organised the night as well as Mr. Daniel Kam (Head of Music), Ms. Tiffany Lo (Deputy Head of Junior School and Teacher of Drama), and Ms. Lizzie Leung (former Music teacher) for training the performers. The Drama performances united the CSS school community and highlighted the rich talent our students have in the performing arts. Our students had been practicing hard for the “We Will Rock You’’ musical for more than half a year when the production had to be re-organised into video format due to COVID-19 Restrictions. With the help of our Performing Arts technician, Ms. Nico Ma, selected scenes were recorded in our school’s music studio and expertly filmed and edited by Mr. Chin Cheung Ho. Through this event, students of varying ages were encouraged to develop their interest in drama and music whether it was on stage through acting, singing, dancing, and playing in the band, or through support activities such as costume creation, set design and construction, technical support or publicity.

Thank you to all teachers, design team, staff and students' efforts in putting together a most successful music & theatre extravaganza on one of the most significant events of the school year. Their efforts have built indelible memories which our students will carry for the rest of their lives.


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