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Eight Top-Scoring IB Students at CSS Share Strategies for Success and Future Plans

Creative Secondary School is proud to announce the outstanding achievements of our eight top-scoring IB Form 6 students in the 2023 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme exam (IBDP). Chan Ying Tung Janice, Chan Chun Ming Norman, Wu Tania, Chen Zion Dee, Tang King Chong Jonathan, Lam Shan Hang, Yam Sze Wai Yannick and Chiara De'Eb, have achieved an outstanding score of over 40 points out of 45, which is higher than the global average of 30.2 points and they have set an exceptional standard for future students at our school. Our school’s average score is 35.7, which is also higher than the global average. Among these students, Chan Ying Tung Janice and Chan Chun Ming Norman scored an impressive 43 points, while Wu Tania scored a remarkable 44 points.

We had the opportunity to speak with these exceptional students and ask them about their study strategies, reflections on the exam, and support from teachers, peers, and family members. Additionally, we asked them about their future plans for university.

When asked about the study strategies that were most effective in preparing for IBDP, the students shared a variety of techniques. From generating intuition to doing past papers, these students used a variety of methods to succeed. Some students focused on practicing with past papers and seeking help from peers and teachers when needed. Others used online resources to supplement their learning. Many students emphasized the importance of spaced repetition and creating study plans that covered all subjects and topics.

The students were very grateful that their teachers played a significant role in their success during the IB programmes. They praised their teachers for providing clear explanations and guidance, as well as for creating a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Additionally, they expressed gratitude for the support of their peers and family members, who provided emotional support and helped them stay motivated throughout the journey.

As for their plans for university, the students are all pursuing diverse paths. Chen Zion Dee aims to study Chemistry and Computer Science; Tang King Chong Jonathan will study International Business and Global Management; Lam Shan Hang plans to pursue Physics and learn computer languages; Yam Sze Wai Yannick will study Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and attend flight school part-time. Chan Ying Tung Janice will study Psychology; Chan Chun Ming Norman will study Aerospace Engineering; Wu Tania plans to study Dental Surgery. These students' diverse academic interests demonstrate their dedication to pursuing their passions and achieving their career goals.

We congratulate these seven exceptional students on their remarkable achievements and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Their hard work and dedication have set a high standard for all future IB students at Creative Secondary School.


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