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Traditional Chinese Culture Interview I

Forgotten Ancient Chinese Literary Texts: Steven Zhao

Reporter: F.5 Ca: Norman Chan

Interviewee: F.5 Ca: Steven Zhao

In modern society, Chinese literature seems to have been forgotten by the majority. As society becomes more modernised and urbanised, along with the rapid growth of technology, people living in cities have found new forms of entertainment and interests. Therefore, newer and more attractive phones and tablets have replaced ancient Chinese literatures.

My interviewee is a Creative Secondary School Form 5 student, Steven Zhao. He is currently studying in the second year of the Hong Kong Diploma for Secondary Education programme (HKDSE). In his Chinese lessons, he is expected to learn about the twelve famous and well-known ancient Chinese literature texts, including those from Shun Zi, Zhu Ge Liang, etc.

During the interview, he told me that he enjoyed reading Chinese literature texts very much. However, due to the hectic pace of life, he had little time to learn more about Chinese literature in the past. Additionally, he expressed his enthusiasm for modern Chinese novels and stories, demonstrating that ancient Chinese literary texts have become increasingly underappreciated over time. Lastly, he told me that he liked the Chinese proverbs that have been recently adorned in the school corridors, expressing his appreciation. He felt that the school should continue to promote Chinese culture through various mediums, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding and develop a deep-rooted passion.


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