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Traditional Chinese Culture Interview III

Views on the Promotion of Chinese Culture in Campus: Jojo Koo

Reporter: F.5 Ca: Gordon Shi

Interviewee: Parent of Jojo Koo

In our school, almost all subjects are taught in English, however, we can not deny the importance of Chinese in our school community. We invited Ms. Jojo Koo to see her take on the school’s efforts to promote Chinese culture as a parent.

In the Interview, Ms. Koo talked about the posters she sees on the wall as she enters the school, she thinks that this is a significant step in promoting Chinese culture. Nowadays many students don’t know these great quotes from the Chinese culture, she believes that with the school’s Chinese culture awareness campaign, students in CSS will be able to learn more from the Chinese culture while having English based education.

Ms. Koo agreed that it is not a surprise that there is a lot to learn from Chinese culture after over 5000 years of development. She was grateful to say, “In Hong Kong, we are in a great spot, Hong Kong allows us to learn from other cultures from overseas while being close to Chinese culture. This advantage shapes us, CSS students, into the open-minded, culturally aware community that we are now.”

I would like to ask all students to explore Chinese culture in different areas of study together!


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