Tree planting ceremony to commemorate Dr Rob Sunderland 植樹儀式記念Dr Rob Sunderland

We held a tree planting ceremony on 19 June 2020 to commemorate Dr Robert Sunderland (1946 – 2019), a much loved CSS colleague who passed away late last year.

A number of board members, teachers, parents and alumni shared their stories about how Dr Sunderland had positively influenced them over the years.

Dr Sunderland joined CSS in September 2008. He had been a School Principal in many parts of the world, and came to help CSS become authorised as an IB World School. As a school leader he took on many roles – Head of Science, IB Diploma Coordinator, ToK Coordinator, Head of Upper School – and mentored other colleagues to step into these roles after him. He was a brilliant teacher of Physics & ToK, a passionate IB educator and a member of Bauhinia House. He served as staff representative on the CSS Board of Directors. After his distinguished service, he retired in 2013. He will be well remembered with fondness and gratitude.

學校於2020 年6 月19日舉行植樹儀式,悼念備受尊敬的啓思中學前教員Dr Robert Sunderland (1946 – 2019),他於去年底離世。

一些校董會成員、教師、家長和畢業生齊集,分享過去Dr Sunderland如何正面地影響他們。

Dr Sunderland 於2008年9月份加入啓思中學。他曾於世界不同的地方擔任校長。在加入啓思中學後,他協助本校獲得授權成為IB世界學校。作為學校的領袖,Dr Sunderland曾負責多項工作,勝任不同的角色──科學部主任、國際文憑課程統籌員、知識論統籌員、高年級學部主任,以及指導其他教師接任他的職務。他是位出色的化學科及知識論教師 ,也是個充滿熱誠的IB教育學者,是啓思中學紫荊社的成員。他曾出任啓思中學校董會的教職員代表,一直以來的服務表現非常突出,於2013年榮休。我們會時刻銘記和感謝他的貢獻。

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