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Virtual Tour to Taiwan & Online Exchange Programme with Taiwanese Students 虛擬赴台遊學及與台灣學生網上交流計劃

On 30th March 2021, a virtual tour to Taiwan and an online exchange programme with Taiwanese students were organised for our students led by our Experiential Learning Coordinator, Mr Bryan To, together with the Youth Overseas Exchange Center and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

For the virtual tour, students visited Alishan in Taiwan virtually. The guide led students to visit different spots through live streaming. They visited tea leaves farms, joined handicraft and tea-tasting workshops. During the workshops, students were highly engaged and participated in Q and A sessions proactively.

We are also grateful to have the opportunity to conduct an online exchange programme with students and teachers from Kaohsiung Municipal Sipu Junior High School (高雄市立溪埔國民中學) . Our students prepared presentations to introduce our school and the culture in Hong Kong. It is an unprecedented experience for us to organise such a large-scale online exchange programme. We will keep doing our best to provide our students with more educational opportunities during the pandemic.





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