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Coordinator of Learning Support/SEN

We invite applications from experienced teachers of Learning Support to join us as Learning Support Coordinator, to lead our team of 3 teachers.


The provision of Learning Support for students is an integral aspect of our school’s work. The school has over the years developed a framework with appropriate school-based staff as well as external consultants to support students with a range of learning needs. Around 8% of our students have documented learning needs which are recognized and supported by the HKSAR Education Bureau’s funding.


Students with a range of learning needs have been supported to participate in public examinations (the IBDP as well as the HKDSE) and most have entered tertiary education each year since the school’s first graduation cohort in 2012.


Reporting to the Director of Student Development & Well-Being, the key responsibilities of the Head of Learning Support include:


  • leading, managing and improving the school’s Learning Support team and its provision of a range of strategies and resources

  • leading and managing the learning needs of targeted students, including advocating for the students concerned, establishing and sustaining partnerships with parents and providing advice and PD support to teaching staff

  • the administration of the school’s Special Needs Register, and the managing of external consultants and agencies’ services & budget


This is a position for which the following are essential:

  • a recognised teaching qualification i.e. PGDE or equivalent

  • recognized qualification for Special Education Needs

  • specialist teaching experience supporting students from Grade 7 to 12, including students undertaking public examination courses


This is a position for which the following are preferred:

  • experience with the IB Middle Years Programme

  • team leadership experience

  • experience of form/house tutoring

  • capacity to support students learning a range of subjects across the curriculum

  • capacity to offer extra-curricular activity


Deadline for application 20 April 2020

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