Tools for Research

Project and time management


8 Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Tips on time management

Smartsheet's Gantt Chart Template

A timeline in spreadsheet format that helps monitor the progress of a medium-scale (individual/group) project.
It is a free application that requires no installation. Users need to sign in to use the application.
Watch video 1 and/or video 2 for an overview.

Big 6

A writing process organizer


Collaboration with group members


Google Form

It allows members within a group to create and share documents online.
CSS students and staff may access Google Docs through the school webmail


It is a real-time online whiteboard where group members can draw on it, share text, files, and to talk verbally to group members.
It is, however, not designed to EDIT a document or spreadsheet, like Google Docs. Twiddla is "free for educational uses".


Information retrieval

Tips on searching information from web engines / online databases

Planning a search

Skills in Accessing, Finding & Reviewing Information (Safari) 
It is a website developed by The Open University (UK) which covers seven sections on information skills.
Visit the websites on the left according to your needs

Searching for information

Evaluating information

CRAP test 

A 6:45 min Youtube video introduces CRAP test to evaluate web resources.


Tools for data collection:

Survey Monkey

is a free application with basic functions to create a survey online. A user manual is available here.

offers free survey tool online for personal use with limited functions. An online sample is available here.

Google Form

is a free application to run a survey online and to organize data in the Google worksheet.
To view a video clip of how to use Google Form, please click here.

CSS students and staff may access Google Form through the school webmail.




Organization of information & data


Organising Information

A set of slideshows online to explore the needs and ways of organising information.
It is originated from "Skills in Accessing, Finding & Reviewing Information (Safari)", a website developed by The Open University (UK).



is a Firefox extension/application to manage bibliographic data. Free for download at its site.
Check here (in English) / here (in Chinese) to see how it works. For technical help on using Zotero, please check here.

Edraw Mindmap

It provides templates to generate mind maps, charts, and diagrams.
Free for download at its site for a 30-day trial.


It is a research tool that helps organize information. Registration is required.

References available in the CSS library; (search with Subject Keywords such as analysis, statistical, mind mapping, information... etc from Non-fiction collection)




Referencing and citation


The basics of APA style

It is an introduction of APA style in slideshow, with voice over.

APA, the 6th edition

It is an introduction of the most current edition of APA style in slideshow, with voice over.


Documenting Sources in APA Style: 2010 Update

A guideline of the 6th edition of APA style in PDF format. It focuses on documentation style.


Cite fast

A web tool that generates reference styles (APA, Chicago, MLA) for a variety of information type (Artwork, books, interviews, lectures notes, websites, ... etc.). 
Note: Users hold the sole responsibility to double check the correctness of the reference style generated by the free web tools.


CSS library

APA style guide for Senior School

APA style guide for Middle School

APA style guide for Social Media



Samples and information on major essays


MYP Projects

An introduction

Introduces the MYP Community Project and Personal Project.
Samples of Personal Project in hard copies are located in CSS library. Please ask librarians for assistance.

TOK Essay

Sample TOK essays with comments and scores

Samples of TOK essays with comments

DP Extended Essay

Assessment Principles and Pracitce

Explanations of how IB assess Extended Essays and TOK essays.
Samples of EE in hard copies are located in the CSS Library. Please ask librarians for assistance.

Independent Enquiry Study

Product Exapmlers

Samples of Independent Enquiry Study with marks and comments