House Committees

Student Leadership plays an important role in our school and each house has its own House Committees, consisting of the House Captain, Vice Captains, Secretaries and Representatives. House Leaders mentor and provide support for junior students, particularly during house events and competitions.

  Bauhinia Cabinet 1  

House Captain: Chung Ching Dustin (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Wong Sze Nam Richy (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Joanna Leane B Barriga (F5)

Financial Secretary: Lau Chi Yau (F5)

Promotion Secretary: Li Mei Yiu Belinda (F3)

General Affairs Secretary: Li Lai Ying Alison (F5)


  Bombax Cabinet 2  

House Captain: Lai Yuet Sze Jasmi (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Shum Hon Yin Harry (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Tseng Wing See Eunice (F5)

Financial Secretary: Chau Chung Hon Ansel (F5)

Promotion Secretary: Datta Reyna Alisha Perez (F5)

General Affairs Secretary: Lam Ka Ming Ka Ka (F5)


  Cassia Cabinet 2  

House Captain: Cheng Jing Ho Kevin (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Yuen Shing Yi Eason (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Sandhu Diljot Kaur (F5)

Financial Secretary: Busby Jade Danii Macafe (F4)

Promotion Secretary: Tang Man Chun Vineeta (F5)

General Affairs Secretary: Cheng Chun Kin Sam (F5)

  Delonix Cabinet 3  

House Captain: Singh Harmanjit Kaur (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Patchell Maximilian David (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Limbaga Andrea Monique (F5)

Financial Secretary: Groshong Anna May Dacuycuy (F3)

Promotion Secretary: Fong Wai Hang Alex (F5)

General Affairs Secretary: Yip Yan Tung Livia (F5)

  Jacaranda Cabinet 2  

House Captain: Tai Fu Min Chloe (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Li Alexander Carl (F5)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Tung Chi Ki Trinity (F5)

Financial Secretary: Irawan Lok Hang Duncan (F5)

Promotion Secretary: Ho Chung Lai Kenneth (F5)

General Affairs Secretary: Chan Pak Yin Yo Yo (F4)


  Juniper Cabinet 1  

House Captain: Wong Mahina (F4)

House Vice-Captain (Sports): Kwok Kai Tin Kurtis (F4)

House Vice-Captain (Cultural): Lo Alden Yangshan (F4)

Financial Secretary: Chan Wing Laam Justin (F4)

Promotion Secretary: Maksud Mumtahina (F3)

General Affairs Secretary: Cho Suet Hung Arthur (F4)

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