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A Glimpse Into The Creative Minds Of CSS - The F6 HKDSE & IBDP Visual Art Exhibition

Written by Shushu Pun (Form 5)

The F6 visual art exhibition is a display of the artworks of both Form 6 IBDP and HKDSE Visual Arts students. In both diplomas, students select a theme of their choice and create art pieces based on said theme.

I have interviewed a number of students about the themes they explored.  Aljira (Form 6) explained, “there are themes of human emotions in my work, like looking to evoke a strong emotional response through visuals and to study that response in a more personal direction.” Another student, Dasha (Form 6), explored themes of gender, queerness, and identity; and showed how emotions and experiences can be linked to her relationship with her body whilst growing up. “My theme is Breaking the present to see the future,” said Jaiden (Form 6). Sofia (Form 6) explored beauty standards. She said, “I wanted to show how beauty standards affect who we are as individuals and in society as well.”

We also talked about how it felt to present their often very personal vision to the world. Dasha further explained that she found it “a bit strange” to present their often very personal vision to the world. “I’ve mentioned my work is about very sensitive and personal topics and the people who will be seeing my work may be complete strangers or they’re people who know me, so honestly it feels a little vulnerable but I am very proud of my work. I’ve spent almost two years on it so I’m very excited”, she recalled.

This long and challenging project left the artists with some key takeaways.  First, as hard as it got, they did not give up.  Aljira said that she kept pushing herself to work towards her goals and be motivated along the way. Jaiden said he often went to his teachers for guidance as he could get an outsider view on his work and progress which gave him fresh and new perspectives and the advice given were helpful.

Throughout the process, the artists were expertly guided by their teachers. “I am definitely proud seeing what has been accomplished by the students regarding the quality as well as the diversity of work. Guiding the students through the two-year process was a delightful experience, witnessing the different creative ideas coming to life, said Mr. Wayne Chan, one of the Visual Arts Teachers.

Ms. Ivy Chan also regarded this exhibition as a great success. She mentioned that it was a relief to see students had put a lot of work into their pieces. “I’m also very proud of them as I see them becoming more mature as an artist and tackling mature subjects through their work. However, I feel a sense of loss as well because the students had spent so much time on their pieces and it is now ended.”

All in all, the VA students have all worked very hard in the past two years and clearly their efforts are not in vain as they have produced wonderful pieces and you should definitely go check out their amazing art works!


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