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An Inspiring Glimpse Into Creative Learning: CPS Students Get Hands-On at CSS's Educational Exchange

On 26 September 2023, Creative Secondary School (CSS) hosted its annual Educational Exchange, welcoming Primary 6 students from Creative Primary School (CPS) for an enriching visit.

Under the guidance of our Acting Principal Ms. Lancy Tam and the School Life team, CSS warmly received CPS Principals Ms.Bonnie Cheng, Ms. Clio Chan, teachers, and students, providing them with a captivating glimpse into the life of a secondary school student.

Guided by CSS's Ten Form 4 student ambassadors, CPS students actively engaged in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, gaining hands-on experience, and immersing themselves in CSS's vibrant classes and workshops.

The students were divided into groups, each delving into different aspects of CSS's diverse curriculum. Some students participated in a library scavenger hunt which allowed them to be more familiar with our school library. Others learned the basics of African drumming in a music workshop led by the school's percussion ensemble.

A group of students experienced Chinese calligraphy first-hand in the CLACH workshop, practicing traditional brush techniques. Meanwhile, another group was introduced to basic Spanish vocabulary and phrases in the foreign language workshop.

Students also learned to make some design work in a Design and Technology workshop through hands-on prototyping activities. Some had the chance to participate in a vibrant music lesson, exploring different instruments and musical concepts.

The CPS students were captivated by CSS's "friendly," "welcoming," "exciting," and "joyful" learning environment, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to experience secondary school life in such a supportive setting.

CSS Acting Principal Ms. Lancy Tam, CPS Principals Ms. Bonnie Cheng and Ms. Clio Chan expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable partnership that facilitated this inspiring exchange between the two schools. The annual Educational Exchange at CSS serves as a bridge, allowing CPS students to transition smoothly into secondary education, while also nurturing their creativity and passion for learning.

Through this transformative visit, CSS and CPS continue to foster a culture of creative learning, empowering students to explore their potential and embark on a remarkable educational journey.


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