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CSS Campus Reopens

Newsletter 20 May 2020

Dear parents and students,

I have just met with CSS staff yesterday to plan for the school's re-opening on 27th May. We are very excited to welcome back F3, F4 and F5 students this Wednesday! After such a challenging period of school closure, I am grateful that we can re-open the campus. There are just 4 weeks of school remaining (3 weeks for MY1 to F2), so I think we would all cherish this precious time to reconnect and encourage each other to move forward positively.  All classes will switch to a half day timetable, and we will try to make the very best of this arrangement as required by the Education Bureau. My colleagues and I appreciate that students need time to adjust, and we are ready to give support to students and parents who have found this period very stressful.  Specific arrangements for Wednesday include all tutors meeting with students for a briefing at 8:20 am. This will replace period 1. MY1, F1 and F2 students will have an online session with your tutors who will go through the same briefing for F3 - F5 students. Finally, for F3 - F5 parents, if you have not already completed the travel history and health survey, please do so. You will receive a reply from the school email system. Please forward this email reply to your child, as they need to show this to staff on Wednesday before they can go to their lessons. It is essential that we all know that everyone on campus - staff, students, visitors - are all healthy. with best regards, Mr Cheung Useful Links:


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