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Grease Review - Live Theatre Came Roaring Back

Written by Mr. John Urquhart, Head of CALP

CSS Grease Musical Behind the Scenes & Musical Highlight

Live theatre came roaring back with the decibel level of a souped-up hot rod and with the backbeat of old-time rock and roll as CSS presented the Musical “Grease” on Thursday evening.

Set in a secondary school in 1959 America, it explores the challenges faced by a group of students facing the looming responsibilities of adulthood. Superficially a love story, the deeper themes remain relevant today, especially to our young cast, including a number of Form 1 students, who showed their talent and commitment both on the stage and behind the scenes.

The enthusiastic ensemble cast carried  the action with energy, athleticism, musicality, and when needed, poignancy, showing skill and range well beyond what you would expect from less experienced actors. As Co-director Ms. Tiffany Lo remanked, “I’m really impressed with the improvement I saw in the kids from the audition stage to the final show, especially with the vocals.” They were supported by a wonderful supporting cast. There were no small roles, only big performances. Especially impressive was the precision of the complex stage movements and dancing choreographed incredibly by student choreographers Sophia Woodbury and Jasmine Nizal.

 A large and dedicated group of students added another level of professionalism to our theatre experience. Student-led teams designed the lighting, managed the complex scene changes quickly and flawlessly, and built and painted dazzling sets including a working hot rod. The costume team dressed the actors in vibrant colours and authentic styles and the makeup and hair team made the cast look great. Absolutely nothing looked out of place. Student teams also handled marketing and ticketing and front-of-house hosting. 

Key to any musical is the music and here Mr. Daniel Kam’s rock band, Ms. Agnes Quilicot’s chorus, and the CSS orchestra playing their director Mr. Alvin Kwok’s original arrangements pushed the level of the show off the charts.

Impressed parents include Leslie, who attended the show with her daughter from Form 4. “I can’t believe I can still sing those songs.” Another parent Cecila called it “a formidable achievement.” Mr. Tony Mui, Chairperson of the PTA, summarised by saying that Grease “truly showcases the strength of CSS”.

Grease will be an experience that will be remembered by our students long after their lessons are forgotten. The range of skills and depth of learning developed and the sustained collaborative effort required will benefit our school community long after the last curtain call. The show’s producer and co-director Mr. Kevin Toong expressed his gratitude to the whole team “who poured their hearts and souls into bringing this timeless classic to life”.  And as Ms. Agnes reminds us, “Grease is more than a musical; it is a celebration of youth and embracing the true essence of oneself.” 

CSS Grease Musical (Highlight Reel)


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