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First-runner up in a territory-wide Minecraft competition

A group of students have participated in a territory-wide Minecraft competition to produce dynamic historic scenes (For Minecraft competition details: Link). By reproducing the scenes of the Battle of Chibi (赤壁之戰) in the Minecraft world, our students have won a first-runner up in a territory-wide Minecraft competition. They have undertaken the competition organiser's interview and received $6,800 book coupons as the prize. I'd like to introduce once again the members of this amazing team. They are:

  • Choi Jonathan, F4 Ba- Bukhari Syed Hyder Ali, F3 Ja

  • Leung Cheuk On Carlos, F3 Ba

  • Chen Zion De, F3 Ba

  • Thomas Au Pak Yin, F3 Ba

Here are the snapshots of the prize ceremony:

Despite the challenging situation of Covid-19, these students continued to be self-motivated and engaged in the competition. They have demonstrated their talents, perseverance, and cooperation skills which are highly appreciated. Here are some snapshots of their production: Battle of Chibi(赤壁之戰):

Congratulations again to this amazing Minecraft team!


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