Student Development & Well-being Committee

Mr. Cassy Yu   MEng, MEd, PGCE (DT), PGDE (English)
Director of Student Development and Well-being

Ms. Janet Ng, Administrative Officer

Ms. Aries Wong, Teaching Assistant - Learning Support and Student Development

  Junior Secondary School  

Ms. Tan Tan Chan   BA, MEd, PGDE
Head of Junior Secondary School (F.1)

Mr. Robert Scott   BSc (Hons), PGCE
Deputy Head of Junior Secondary School (MY1 & F.3)

Mr. Casey Aw   BEng, PGDE
Deputy Head of Junior Secondary School (F.2)

Ms. Imogen Stevenson   BA, MA, PGCE
Deputy Head of Junior Secondary School

  MY1, Form 1, 2 & 3 House Tutors   

MY1, Ms. Imogen Stevenson, Ms. Maria Lazcano

F1 Ba, Mr. Ethan Yeung & Ms. Samantha Wu

F1 Bo, Mr. Jimmy Cheng

F1 Ca, Ms. Christine Lam & Ms. Mei-ling Tsang

F1 De, Ms. Ivy Chan

F1 Ja, Ms. Isabelle Baelde & Mr. Wong Lik Chun

F1 Ju, Ms. Lei Lei & Ms. Winfred Nyagah

F2 Ba, Mr. Will Sanders & Ms. Christeta Humphry

F2 Bo, Ms. Grace Zhao

F2 Ca, Ms. Eunice Lin & Ms. Lizzie Leung

F2 De, Ms. Tiffany Lo

F2 Ja, Mr. Han Wei

F2 Ju, Ms. Shirley Laver & Mr. Terry Hui

F3 Ba, Ms. Charlotte Woolley & Mr. Ricky Tsui

F3 Bo, Mr. Paul Stanley

F3 Ca, Ms. Lily Yip & Ms. Nazerke Mukazhanova

F3 De, Mr. John Urquhart

F3 Ja, Mr. SaifUllah

F3 Ju, Ms. Tania Chow

  Senior Secondary School  

Ms. Ann Tsang   BA, PGCE
Head of Senior Secondary School

Ms. Anna Chung   BA, MA, TESOL K-12
Deputy Head of Senior Secondary School (F.6)

Ms. Ika Lo   BSc, MEd, PGCE
Deputy Head of Senior Secondary School (F.4)

Ms. Sukannya Khan   PGDID, MSc, BSc(Hons), BEd

Deputy Head of Senior Secondary School (F.5)

  Form 4, 5 & 6 House Tutors   

F4 Ba, Ms. Gloria Lai

F4 Bo, Mr. Alfred Cheung & Mr. Alex Wan

F4 Ca, Mr. Stephen Lee

F4 De, Ms. Jenny Wang

F4 Ja, Mr. Sam Ho

F4 Ju, Ms. Lisa Lee

F5 Ba, Ms. Idy Szeto

F5 Bo, Dr. Alexander McGregor

F5 Ca, Ms. Carol Chen

F5 De, Ms. Jessica Shuen

F5 Ja, Mr. Steven Finnigan

F5 Ju, Ms. Azalea Cheung

F6 Ba, Ms. Anita Soekarno & Mr. Daniel Chan

F6 Bo, Mr. Hugh Pizzi

F6 Ca, Ms. Sophie Reeve

F6 De, Mr. Nii Pierre & Ms. Candice Chan

F6 Ja, Ms Ginger Kwok

F6 Ju, Ms. Lisa Darby

  Experiential Learning, Houses & CCA  

Mr. Bryan To, Experiential Learning Coordinator

Ms. Cherry So, Houses Coordinator

Mr. Jimmy Cheng, CCA Coordinator

  Learning Support   

Ms. Lavender Chiu, SEN Coordinator

Mr. Terry Hui, Teacher of Learning Support / SEN

Ms. Christeta Humphry, Teacher of Learning Support / SEN

  Guidance Counselling   

Ms. Callas Kwok, Guidance Counsellor (Counselling Psychologist)

Mr. Nike Kwong, School Counsellor

Ms. Theresa Au, Government-appointed Social Worker

Mr. Hill Sia, Government-appointed Social Worker

3 Pung Loi Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

2701 3277


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