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Administration Committee

Mr. Poon Ping Kwan 
Director of Administration - Assistant Principal

Ms. Pappi Li, Administrative Officer


Admissions & Communications Team

Mr. David Liu, Admissions Manager

Ms. Candy Yan, Communications Manager

Mr. Leung Kin Keung, Graphic Designer

Mr. Ho Chin Cheung, Creative Media Assistant

Mr. Bosco Wong, Admissions Officer

  Office Team  

Ms. Grace Cheung, School Office Manager 

Ms. Francisca Chan, Administrative Executive (MY1, F.1, F.2 & F.3)

Ms. Krista Ho, Administrative Executive (F.4, F.5 & F.6)

  Accounting Team  

Ms. Carmen Kwok, Finance Manager

Ms. Eleanor Tsai, Assistant Accountant

Ms. Imada Chow, Accounts Assistant

Ms. Queenie Tsang, Accounts Assistant

Ms. Josie Lau, Accounts Assistant

  Procurement Team   

Ms. Yoki Wu, Procurement Officer

  ICT Team  

Mr. Mark Lewis, Digital Learning Coordinator

Mr. Churchill Lee, IT and Network Administrator

Mr. Barry Chan, Senior IT Support Officer

Ms. Smiley Cheng, ICT Technician

Mr. Jack Tam, ICT Technician

  Facilities Team & Maintenance Team  

Mr William Yeung, Facilities Administrator

Mr. Hugo Ng, Facilities Maintenance & Project Supervisor

Mr. Au Yang Wing Yiu, Repair and Maintenance Assistant

Mr. Shum Kwok Wai, Repair and Maintenance Assistant

  Human Resources & Principal's Office Team  

Ms. Carmen Poon, HR Manager & Board Secretary 

Mr. William Yeung , Senior Administrator (Principal Support)

  Janitors Team  

Ms. Lam Wai Chun, Head of Janitors

Ms. Chau Yee Lin, Janitor

Ms. Ho Hoi Yin, Janitor

Mr. Lo Wing Ho, Janitor

Mr. Ong Kim En, Janitor

Mr. Shing Chi Keung, Janitor

Mr. Yuen Kwok Leung, Janitor

Mr. Tony Ho Pui Sun, Janitor

Mr. Lam Wing Sang, Janitor

Ms. Deng Qian Ying, Janitor

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