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Building Bridges: CSS Hosts Leadership Team from Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group

On 25 April, 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming the leadership team of Zhejiang Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group to our school. The team, including Principal Fan Li, Vice President and Principal of the high school department of Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Middle School, Chinese teacher Huang Feiyan, English teacher Fan Lifang, Deputy General Manager of Greentown Education Group Chen Hujun, Vice Principal Huang Xiong, and Vice Principal Zhong Qisheng, visited Creative Secondary School.

The visit began with welcoming speeches from Creative Secondary School's Supervisor Mr. Victor Fong and Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group's Principal Tan Shuxian, followed by a presentation on the educational characteristics of our school by Vice Principal Yu Jiasheng. During the two-hour visit, both schools had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas about the future direction of education.

The leadership team of Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group was impressed by our students' active learning, willingness to express themselves, and the harmonious teacher-student relationship. They also observed our excellent learning environment, with dedicated teachers and outstanding student achievements. Our school's educational values, which prioritize placing students at the center of everything and allowing them to develop their true nature and abilities, aligns with Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Middle School's philosophy of "compassion and truth-seeking."

The visit concluded with an exchange of souvenirs, and Principal Fan Li extended an invitation for our school's principal and teachers to visit their school in the future. We are grateful for the opportunity to build relationships and exchange ideas with Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua Education Group and look forward to future collaboration.


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