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Creative Secondary School Open Day

Creative Secondary School, Hong Kong (CSS) Open Day 2022 happened on the 5th of November and many of the students, friends and parents came to the school.

To get ready, students in their house groups prepared booths with games to play to raise money for charity. In Form 3 Bombax’s booth, for example, players shot nerf bullets at cups to win candy. In Form 3 Bauhinia, some people were throwing darts at balloons to win dolls. The students in Form 3 Delonix decided to make a booth with tattoo stickers and a photo booth for people to take instant pictures.

There were subject booths too. For example, in Math visitors tried their best to see how to solve problems. Or in Chinese History, they looked at the cards to see if they know who these famous people were and what kinds of cultures they came from. In English, teachers and students talked about the knowledge that the students learn.

The music stage was for CSS students to perform. They sang and played piano, drums, guitars, and trumpets on the stage. For example, one CSS student, Rufus, played the piano. The visitors and students enjoyed snacks and drinks, including coffee, lemon tea, soya milk, and biscuits. These snacks and drinks were provided by the Parent Teacher Association. There also was a Chinese cultural display. Visitors and students tried to use ink to write calligraphy.

Here are some quotes from the students: Form 3 student said, “I had a perfect day that week, it was so happy for me and all of the booths on Open Day were the best parts.” Form 3 student, Jane, said, “Form 3 Rufus's performance on the piano was very wonderful and all the CSS student performances are very good.” Another student, Yanki, said her favorite part was “playing at the booths with my cousin.”

The open-day activities ended at four o’clock and on that day a lot of people came and all of the CSS students and teachers were happy.

Credit to: Anson Cheng F3Ba

Joey Leung F3Ba

Jane Yau F3Bo

Yanki Chik F3Bo

Aki Wong F3De

Cara Yam F3Ja

Rufus Chow F3 Ja


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