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CSS students achieve great success in interschool sailing festival

CSS students achieved great success at the 16th Inter School Sailing Festival in March. 

Our school participated in the Pico division against 11 other schools. CSS came 2nd. Each team consists of a minimum of six sailors, who race three dinghies in a team racing format against their opposition. The result for each boat in a team is combined and the team with the lowest combined score wins. The team racing format has the effect of neutralising the benefit of having one very good sailor in a team, as being first over the line is not necessary the optimal result for the team. Tactics feature, with competitors strategically delaying opposition boats to help boost their team’s aggregate score. The CSS team was really good in their tactics and therefore deservingly received the 2nd position.

Thorwen Uiterwaal (F4De) created a CSS Sailing Club for his Personal Project this year and entered for the first time as a school in the Sailing Festival. He took on this challenge as his personal project because promoting sailing amongst the local students is important for the future of Hong Kong sailing. 

CSS team consisted of 6 students of which 2 students never sailed before our training sessions in January and February of this year. Their team consisted of the following sailors:

· Yunis Tamang – F4 JA · Jonathan Sin – F4 DE · Carmen Pascual – F2 DE · Gabrielle Pascual – F1 DE · Bincker Uiterwaal – F1 DE · Thorwen Uiterwaal – F4 DE

The top 4 schools in the Pico division are: 1. Hong Kong School Sailing Association 2. Creative Secondary School 3. Jockey Club Ti-l College 4. French International School


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