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Halloween Spooktacular

On the 31 October 2022, Halloween, Creative Secondary School celebrated the day with candy, costumes and rock and roll. Some events that took place were theatre plays, busking and art displays from our talented students. Songs from Radiohead, Beyond, Ed Sheeran and more were covered by bands with students from both junior and senior forms.

Although it was a cold freezing day, students still came to the ground floor to watch the performances outdoors. Highlights were the incredible Blue Franksa band full of F3 students who sang their hearts out to a Japanese song from the soundtrack of “Evangelion”.

Asia and Kimiko from Ashmiko productions–get it, Asia + Kimiko = Ashmiko–have collected some videos and interviewed some performers that day. Here are some thoughts from the F5 band:

“I felt nervous out there, but it was really fun.”

“It makes us feel more prepared for our future performances.”

Sharon and Hannah, both from Red Bottles, felt excited performing in front of a live audience. During rehearsals, Sharon added that Radiohead inspired her to play music. Hannah gave some great advice about getting out of your comfort zone to perform and how It would help.

Red Bottles have been playing together for about 3 months now. They first got into music through the influence of other music, parents or schooling. “We’ve been a band now for about one month. I learnt the piano when I was in primary school. I’ve stopped now but I have played for our band since I joined Rock Band CCA, “ Justin from F5 Band (yeah I know, what a creative name) said.

It’s funny how some of these names were created. For example, how Red Bottles came up with their name was quite literally by glancing at a red bottle when asked What is your band called? For a lot of the performers it was their first chance to play music in front of an audience. What better day than Halloween.

Written by: Angel Sit


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