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NCS Students win five awards at Putonghua Speech Competition

Eighteen CSS Non-Chinese Speaking students took part in the 5th Putonghua Speech Competition on 16 April 2016. They won five awards, including the Creative Performance Award (F3 Tsang Lok Yan Faith), the second runner –up (F3 Tynn Lok Cedric Justin) and the Best Showmanship Award (F4 Furukado Moe) in in the Sole verse speaking (F1-F3) session. In the Choral Speaking session, we won the Champion (F3 Tsang Lok Yan Faith, F3 Wright Jasmine Ling Yee, F3 Ting Shan Hei Anna, F3 Yates Tara Sage, F3 Kwong Hei Suet Gladys) and the first runner-up (F3 Wong Trnn Lok Cedric Justin, F3 Singh Harman, F2 Chung Tin Chloe, F2 Yun Jisu). The competition was extremely intense, as there were over 20 schools and 80 students taking part in it. All of our students had outstanding performance. Thanks to the support of Chinese Faculty, three Chinese Acquisition teachers Carol, Mignon and Lili who took the 18 NCS students to participate the competition.


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