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Students at Creative Secondary School Step Out of Their Comfort Zones and Unlock New Skills

Creative Secondary School Students’ Dragon Dance Performance at Creative Primary School in the Year of the Rabbit

To kick start the Year of the Rabbit, our winning team from Delonix house performed an energetic Dragon Dance at Creative Primary School (CPS) on 1 February 2023.

Dragon Dance symbolises prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year, and the annual Chinese New Year performance is one of the most celebrated and respected traditions at Creative Secondary School (CSS). During the Chinese New Year assembly, Form 1 students represent their house in a Dragon Dance performance every year. This year, the MY1 students were also able to perform alongside their Form 1 housemates.

Each house choreographed a routine for the dragon and was also able to create a dance or drama to bring the story to life. It was a fierce competition, and every house gave it its all. This year the winner was the Delonix team and they took the gold. They performed at CPS and shared their exceptional talents with our primary school students.

The students worked hard to perfect their performance, rehearsing for weeks leading up to the event. ‘Hard work pays off!’ the representative of Delonix house said. From after-school rehearsals to perfecting each move, the Form 1 students persevered through it all.

‘The dragon dance is a very good opportunity for students to build collaboration and enhance their communication skills as they work together as a team. It is also a memorable experience for the whole school,’ said Kimiko, Form 5.

In the dragon dance performance at CPS, CSS students adopted storytelling to introduce the concepts of strength, wisdom and bravery. The audience was in awe as the dragon dance and twirled through the sportsground of CPS, bringing the traditional Chinese celebration to life.. CSS students went into the crowd and played with CPS students, letting them touch the dragon’s body and learn how to dance.

Thank you everyone for being such a cheerful and respectful audience!

CSS wishes the Creative community an auspicious year of the Rabbit!

About Dragon Dance at CSS The Inter-house Dragon Dance Competition in fact is part of the school’s IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU). This unit of study provides students with great learning opportunities to integrate their learning from different subject disciplines in order to create new understanding. This valuable experience also allows students to work on students’ MYP’s Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills including social and communication skills, problem-solving skills, collaboration skills and creative thinking skills. The senior student leaders act as mentors to provide support and guidance to the Form 1 students. This has been a tradition for the school to train students’ leadership skills via student-led activities. Certainly, this has been and will be a memorable experience for all CSS students.

Moreover, one of the key aims of the Dragon Dance is to strengthen students’ understanding of Chinese culture, particularly on the traditional festivals and customs. This aligns with the school’s initiative CLACH (Chinese Language & Literature, Art, Culture and History) - where students can be exposed to and be engaged in different Chinese cultural activities.


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