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Trip to Xiqu Centre wonderful

All Form 2 students visited Xiqu Centre to learn about Chinese opera on 3 November 2021.

This activity was specially designed for secondary school students by the Xiqu Centre. It aimed at

extending arts learning beyond the classroom and allowed students to learn about Chinese opera.

During the two-hour trip in the afternoon, there were introduction sessions for Chinese musical

instruments and dialect for Chinese opera. Students also had a chance to watch Chinese opera

presented by the Tea House Rising Stars Troupe and enjoyed interactive facilitator-led discussion


F2Bo Myra Mak Ho Yan visited the Tea House at the West Kowloon venue for the first time, and she

found the event quite interesting. “The performing hall is more elegant, nice and beautiful than other

Chinese opera outdoor venues that I visited before,’’ Myra said, adding that her interest in this

traditional performance was enhanced.

F2Ca Coco Wong Hiu Yi, who loves playing the piano, was amazed by the Chinese musical instrument

performance and introduction. She said the event led her to understand more about Chinese musical

instruments, was good exposure for her and widened her horizon.

CSS Chinese teacher Miss Jill Siu was happy to see students interested in the event and have actual

contact with Chinese opera themselves. They got to know more about musical instruments, lyrics and

songs, and the facial expression and costumes of the Chinese opera performers. “Chinese opera is not as

boring as they thought before,’’ Miss Siu said.

The CLACH team added that the performance was very interactive, and students enjoyed the event a lot.

They will explore more opportunities to promote Chinese opera culture in the future.


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