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Student Union

Student voice is an essential part of our school’s development. Different groups of senior students would form competing cabinets to run for the annual elections where each student votes for their preferred cabinet. The cabinet winning the election becomes the Student Union Executive Committee.


The Student Union’s key function is to serve the student body as a bridge between students and the school, particularly focusing on student welfare and well-being. In addition, the Student Union works with other student leadership groups including the Student Leaders and House Committees to initiate and implement a range of fun and meaningful activities, programmes and inter-house competitions such as the annual C-Rivals Singing Contest and various sports competitions.

Many Congratulations to the cabinet Sycamore for having been elected as the Student Union 2020-21. The Executive Committee members include,

Chairperson                                                           Chiara De'eb                            Ja5

Vice Chairperson (Internal Affairs)                     Tania Wu                                  Ju5

Vice Chairperson (External Affairs)                    Skylar Sweet                            Ja4

Treasurer                                                                Katrina Chan                           Ca4

Secretary                                                                Emma Wearne                        Ba4

Assistant Secretary                                               Oona Ng                                   Ja5

Executive (Creative Marketing)                           Hilton Mak                               Ca5

Executive (PTA relations)                                      Noa Wong                                Ju5



We take this opportunity to thank Althea (Student Union 2020-21) led by Mahina Wong (Ju6) and her team for a year of fantastic work last year. We look forward to Sycamore working with the student body and the school together for this year.

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