Student Union

Student voice is an essential part of our school’s development. Different groups of senior students would form competing cabinets to run for the annual elections where each student votes for their preferred cabinet. The cabinet winning the election becomes the Student Union Executive Committee.


The Student Union’s key function is to serve the student body as a bridge between students and the school, particularly focusing on student welfare and well-being. In addition, the Student Union works with other student leadership groups including the Student Leaders and House Committees to initiate and implement a range of fun and meaningful activities, programmes and inter-house competitions such as the annual C-Rivals Singing Contest and various sports competitions.


The Student Union Executive Committee 2019-2020 is named Alastair. Alastair is fully dedicated to giving students a voice and they aim to accomplish three key goals this year.


Enhance - Alastair hopes to improve facilities that will help to enhance students’ school life. Alastair would like to make suggestions to the school based on student’s feedback.


Enrich -  Alastair aims to break the monotony and add a whole new host of colourful events that are meaningful, interesting, fun and can teach essential life skills, in addition to classroom learning.


Engage - Alastair wishes to broaden student’s horizons, and allow everyone to engage more with the larger local and international communities. Alastair hopes to use this opportunity to strengthen ties with other schools and our society through meaningful activities.


Members of Alastair:

Chairperson: Damien Filleul (Ba4)

Vice Chairperson (Internal Affairs): Sandra Nasayao (Ja4)

Vice Chairperson (External Affairs): Thierry De'eb (Ja4)

Treasurer: Kelli Wu (Ja4)

Secretary: Rhiannon Jenkins (Ca4)

Executive (Social Media Relations): Jessie Fung (De4)

Executive (Creative Marketing): Shannon Hoo (Ca4)

Executive (Parent-Teacher-Student Relations): Arthur Cho (Ju4)

3 Pung Loi Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

2701 3277


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