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CSS is an IB World School founded in 2006 and offers both HKDSE and the IB Curriculum. Blending the best of international and Chinese educational ideals, it offers an exceptionally caring and vibrant learning culture based on positive, mutually respectful relationships.

CSS and its sister schools, Creative Primary School and Creative Primary School’s Kindergarten enjoy immense support from parents. We provide a progressive all-round education, preparing students for the challenges of the rapidly changing globalised world.

Required for August 2021:

Chinese Summer Bridging Programme Tutor


Dates required: 23, 24, 26, 27 and 28 July 2021


To design, create and implement a plan for our newly joined Form 1 students for the Chinese Summer Bridging Programme. Successful candidates should be able to communicate in both Chinese and English. Applicants should possess essential skills in working as a team, creative, willing to contribute to collaborative planning and proficient in the Chinese language. 


Shortlisted applicants might be requested to undergo Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) and submit the code provided by the SCRC Office for checking the result.

All information provided will only be used for recruitment related purposes.

Application closes on 25 June 2021.

Graphic & Marketing Coordinator (part-time)

Application closes on 30 June 2021.

Administrative Officer (part-time)

Application closes on 30 June 2021.

ICT Technician (part-time)

Application closes on 30 June 2021.



  • 致力於滿足學生的需求

  • 是有效的溝通者,在與同事、家長和學生的工作中具有邀請性、可訪問性和非評判性

  • 是多才多藝、創新和協作的團隊成員

  • 可以貢獻特定的專業知識

  • 已經培養了很強的跨文化意識,並在他們與學校和學生的工作中證明了這一點




請將您的申請信、簡歷和 2 名專業推薦人的電子郵件詳細信息通過電子郵件 ( 或郵寄至將軍澳豐來路 3 號創意中學的校長 Anthony Adames 博士O,香港新界西貢。由於我們收到了大量的申請,請理解,如果您在申請後 2 個月沒有收到我們的消息,您應該假設您這次沒有成功。


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