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COVID-19 - How we are supporting students’ learning and well-being while our campus is closed

Since February 3rd, schools in Hong Kong have been going through an extraordinary time. Although campuses are closed, learning has to continue. At CSS we have launched into a novel learning experience while keeping ourselves safe from the novel coronavirus.

1. Launching our E-learning programme

Our programme was launched on February 3rd, the first day of school closure. This is based on the Google platform which has been well-used by students, parents and staff for several years. Subject teachers engage with students in learning activities, according to students’ regular timetable

  • Google Hangouts, Google classroom and other Google Apps are mainly used, enabling staff to set and receive assignments and for students to interact and discuss with the teacher and with each other.

  • Other Apps, including Zoom, Kahoots, Loom, etc are additional options - teachers are piloting additional apps to enhance student learning, as the programme develops

  • The school library’s collection of subscribed online databases, such as JSTOR, NewsBank, Global Issues in Context, Britannica Schools and Imagequest - are well-used by students to support their inquiry-based learning and research.

  • Many other online resources on YouTube and other platforms are used by teachers to enhance students’ learning

2. Facilitating and encouraging students’ engagement in learning and well-being

  • We have established systems for teachers and senior staff to monitor students' level of engagement, to commend those who are well motivated and to support those who find E-learning challenging. Tutors have contacted students to offer support and guidance.

  • Students and parents have been consulted regularly and their feedback has informed our programme’s continued development. The school leadership has worked in partnership with our PTA Committee, maintaining good communication.

  • “STUDENT WELL-BEING - Guide to Effective Learning at Home” - We have issued a graphical guide to support student learning and well-being. (link)  The purpose of this guide is to help students learn how to develop and maintain a balanced daily routine of work and relaxation, to enhance their mental and physical health during this difficult period.

  • A Google Sites for the CSS community has been launched, to provide more resources for students on mindfulness and well-being, as well as advice to parents on what they can do to motivate and support their children

  • Promoting Sports and Physical Health - the PE teaching team, apart from delivering their curriculum lessons, have also shared many recommendations with students on how to do daily exercises to maintain their fitness.

Examples of weblinks:

3. Special Support for Form 6 HKDSE & IBDP students

  • DSE students continue to have direct access to their teachers for online support on an individual basis during their study leave period in March, after regular lessons have ended in February. Form 6 IBDP students have been given time extensions and support to complete their coursework assignments.

  • In response to specific needs (e.g. IB exam coursework, collecting textbooks), we have opened up access to the campus to small numbers of students at any one time, on a rota basis, registering them carefully each time, with all the precautions necessary to maintain a controlled and healthy environment (temperature checks, wearing masks, washing hands etc.)

  • The school has made thorough arrangements to serve as an examination centre for the HKDSE exams starting on March 27th, and the IBDP exams starting on May 1st.

4. Re-scheduling of Creative Week

  • We strongly believe in the value of good quality experiential learning; it is vital for students’ learning beyond the classroom to take place. Ensuring safety and enjoyment of all students in experiential learning is always a priority for Creative Week, as this is the highlight of the year for many students, often their most memorable learning experience.

  • After much discussion and negotiations with various service providers and airlines, the Creative Week for this school year will now take place during the week of June 15-19 2020.

5. Getting ready to resume school

  • CSS is currently making arrangements to prepare the school to resume on April 20th, as decided by the Education Bureau. Infra-dea temperature monitoring systems, masks for all staff members and spare provision for students who need masks during school hours will be provided, together with ample hand sanitizers.

This is a challenging period for everyone. However it is also a period of discovery – teachers and students discovering not just new ways of teaching and learning, but also discovering their own strengths as life-long learners. Everyone appreciates the importance of balance between focused study and physical and mental well-being.


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