CSS School Production in a UK magazine 英國著名雜誌刊登啓思中學學校音樂劇消息

International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) is a renowned organisation which brings together young people, artists and teachers from different countries in different settings to experience, create and learn about theatre. In its latest publication “Behind the Scenes”, it celebrated its members from different parts of the world who staged their school performances in the 2019-2020 school year. CSS’s school production “Oliver!” is featured in this prestigious publication. Please click the centre light bulb on the front page of the ISTA website (https://ista.co.uk) and flip to P.53-P.55 (June 2020 issue) to read about us.

國際學校戲劇協會(ISTA)是著名的機構,它將世界上不同國家及背景的青年、藝術家和教師連繫在一起,讓大家可以體驗、創作和認識戲劇。在ISTA最新一期的刊物《Behind the Scenes》中,刊登世界上不同地方的成員,於2019-2020學年期間所演出的學校戲劇表演消息,包括啓思中學的學校戲劇Oliver!,亦有幸刊載於該著名刊物上。請按ISTA網頁首頁中間的燈泡,然後揭至第53至55頁(2020年6月版),了解本校的音樂劇消息。

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