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CSS Violinists - Joshua Chan

Joshua Chan (F5 Ca), a winner in the solo violin category of the Hong Kong stage of the Manhattan International Young Artists Music Festival Competition, is happy to receive the award and believes it is a step for him to move towards his goal of being a word-class violinist. 

Joshua dreamed of becoming a soloist in violin when he was in Secondary 2. He entered CSS in the same year, after suffering excessive study pressure at his old school. 

He was tired of playing violin at about 10 year-old, as he found he could not play violin well enough as of his expectation. He later picked up his interest in S2. 

“At CSS, I have been given ample chances to develop myself. I have got support from teachers. They respect, care and encourage me a lot. I have also made a lot of good and sincere friends,’’ the boy who is turning to 17 in June said. 

Joshua said that the competition among students at CSS is positive. Students encourage each other in many aspects. The school is also a place for all students to have all-round development. 

He thanked CSS for providing him numerous chances for performances. When asked to recall the most memorable performing experience at CSS, he said it was the time when he played violin for the school orchestra at the annual school musical production “Annie” when he was S2. “I realized that I could not always be the key player. Collaboration is of utmost importance.’

He described the school atmosphere at CSS is “open” and “respectful”. 

When he promoted to higher forms, Joshua found it is getting more difficult to manage time well between studying and playing violin. He has been trying hard to strike a good balance between studying and practicing violin every day. He thanked teachers and tutors for their advice and encouragement. 

Joshua aims at entering the music school at the renowned Eastman School of Music in New York after completing his IB Diploma programme. He hopes he can learn from Ivry Gitlis, an Israeli virtuoso violinist and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador who has performed with the world's top orchestras, whose music moves audience deeply.

Joshua was honoured in winning the solo violin category of the Hong Kong stage of the Manhattan International Young Artists Music Festival. “I am grateful as I was rewarded for what I have bene working diligently so far.’’ He has been invited to perform in Carnegie Hall, New York City, the most prestigious classical music concert venue in the United States in July.

Joshua added that after joining CSS, he was no longer a boy who went straight to library during recess when he was studying at his previous schools. He enjoyed his happy school life at CSS. His changes and growth have been witnessed by his family that they also let his younger brother to join CSS two years ago. Joshua and his family are indeed important members among other students and other school community members in the school. 


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