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Inter-school Basketball Competition (Grade A) Is Back!

6 October, 2022 is a memorable day for the CSS’ Basketball Team. After nearly 3 years of the pandemic, the students are able to participate in the inter-school basketball competition again. Before the match, the team prepared for weeks and was looking forward to it.

The basketball team arrived at Fa Hui Court at 3:00pm. After the team’s briefing session and warming up, our Grade A teammates were excited to play their first match. The boys’ basketball team managed to win their first game of the season by 1 point (Final Score: CSS 25 : 24 YY3). It was a really exciting and tense finish. Well done and thanks to everyone’s contribution to the team! What a fantastic start!

It’s great to see our students in school colours striving to do their best for themselves and the school. The team will evaluate the match, continue to practice hard and participate in the upcoming matches. Stay tuned!

CSS aims to provide students with a range of sports experiences to sharpen students’ Learner’s Attribute. We are glad that our studentss enjoy playing in the basketball team. It is a precious chance for students to unleash their potential and to train their perseverance and resilience through sports teams. Let’s continue our journey in sports together.


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